‘Sally Pacholok’ – A film based on the true story of an ER nurse who takes on the medical establishment when she uncovers an epidemic of misdiagnosis.

Oct 7, 2014 | Education, Good news | 8 comments

It is with great pleasure that I post this Press release below for the film ‘Sally Pacholok’. The feature film, based on Sally’s life, has been entered to the Sundance Film Festival and will make its UK premiere in cinema’s next year.

Thanks to the drive and foresight of Director and Producer Elissa Leonard, ‘Sally Pacholok’ is set to to shine a bright light on B12 deficiency and change the current, limited understanding of the devastating effects of this condition.

Sally’s name will be firmly cemented into the minds of the public and healthcare professionals alike, and will be made synonymous with vitamin B12 deficiency. The impact of this film will play an important role in helping to save even more lives.

Elissa’s earlier documentary, ‘Diagnosing and treating B12 deficiency’, demonstrates exactly how dire the situation can be for B12 deficient patients. The hard hitting image of a paediatrician who is near death, clad only in a nappy, is one which stays with the viewer for a very long time. He was seriously B12 deficient but was misdiagnosed with a rare neurological disease.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvEizypoyO0

Thank goodness Sally Pacholok has the passion and generosity required to work tirelessly to educate both health professionals and the public about this life threatening neurological condition.  Her ability to impart clear concise information both in person, and in the written word, (Could it Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis – co authored with her husband Dr Jeffrey Stuart), has already saved many lives around the world. Could It Be B12? has been translated into Dutch and Slovenian, and has recently been published in India.

If you think you may be B12 deficient please visit: https://www.b12info.com/what-to-do-next/

Raising awareness; https://www.b12info.com/how-you-can-help/

Please also consider joining Pat Kornic’s life saving support group

Press release below;

Leonard Spends Summer Making Dramatic Feature

Elissa Leonard produced and directed a dramatic feature film in May and spent the summer in post production.  The film is a 90-minute whistle-blower/romance written by Elissa Leonard and Patrick Prentice.  Sally Pacholok is based on the true story of an ER nurse who takes on the medical establishment when she uncovers an epidemic of misdiagnosis.  (Think Erin Brockovitch about healthcare.)  Elissa bought the life story rights to Sally Pacholok in 2012.

Annet Mahendru and Elissa Leonard

Annet Mahendru plays the title role of nurse Sally Pacholok.  Ms. Mahendru is a break out star on The Americans on FX, where she plays sultry Soviet spy Nina Sergeevna.    Andrew Ballard plays Dr. Jeff Stuart, the real life husband of Sally Pacholok.

With the exception of Annet Mahendru, cast and crew were from the Baltimore and DC areas.  The local SAG casting was done by Pat Moran and Associates.  Jeremy Morrison was the line producer and editor.  Nick Gardner was the director of photography, Dave Cross was the AD, Alex Jennings was the location sound mixer,  Angela Ratliff was the production designer, Julie Bent was the costume designer, and Pickles Kinion was lead hair and makeup.  Paige Gold was the production’s lawyer and Judy Walder the accountant.  Charlie Barnett wrote the film score and Studio Unknown did the sound design.

The film was shot in 19 days in the MD/DC area and you can see more of it here.  Expect to see a Power of the Purse announcement soon!

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  1. Janice Docherty, RN

    I work with Sally. Very proud to know her and very excited to see the movie!!

    • Laura Travis

      My partner was diagnosed with Life Threatening Neurological B12 Deficiency by a wonderful man, Dr David Gosal who was last year made Salford Royal’s Consultant of the Year 2012. If we hadn’t seen Dr Gosal we would have been stuck with a whiplash diagnoses. It is really troubling that doctors especially hospital E R doctors have never even heard of this condition, the more people and doctors who are aware of this terrible condition, maybe just maybe, there will be more research and even eventually are cure.

  2. Sarah


    I just wondered if it is possible to buy a dvd or blu ray copy of this film in the UK?

    • traceywitty

      No not yet Sarah, I will keep you posted.
      Best wishes


  3. Ani

    What about hidh b12 ?

  4. Rebecca Macauley

    This happened to me. 10 years in the psychiatric system with all kinds of psych diagnoses, nobody paid attention to my hair turning white or difficulty walking or any of the other myriad problems I was having. Once day a psychiatrist in one of my many hospitalizations walked up to me and said “There’s something different about you, I’m sending you to a neurologist.” She had me diagnosed in 5 minutes. 10 years of my life in my formative years was wasted. There are many more of us out there.

    • Tracey Witty

      Rebecca I am so sorry to hear this it’s so shocking that people lose so much to ignorance. Thank goodness for the 5 minutes with that particular neurologist!


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