We have held two successful conferences and we were delighted to have changed the practices of the health professionals who attended.

Conference 2016 - Review...

Two successful conferences are now completed and each time has made a profound difference to those who attend and indeed to us. The feedback from delegates has been fantastic so we will continue to hold events and use what you tell us to evolve each time. Thank you!


Enormous thanks to all our expert speakers; Sally Pacholok, Dr Joanne Younge, Dr Afshan Ahmad, & Anne Pemberton.

And to our patient speakers; Ali, Samantha and Belinda who shared their case studies and gave the attendees insight to their reality of living with B12 deficiency.

Around 50% of attendees were healthcare professionals and all of those said that what they learned throughout the day would change their practice and that they will be sharing their newly acquired knowledge with colleagues. We couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks to BBC TV for attending the morning session of the conference and for interviewing E.R. Nurse Sally Pacholok.

Sally’s name is synonymous with B12 deficiency, she has been raising awareness and saving lives for over 30 years, via her books and during her her working day, I couldn’t ask for a better partner to help us to raise awareness in the UK. No wonder Elissa Leonard made this award winning feature film based on Sally’s life.


June 2016 Feedback...

I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Sitting amongst b12 educated people was so helpful and very refreshing. Hearing patients stories was just fantastic, even the person sitting next to us we learned from. I would like to see this event getting more publicity somehow.

The event was very well organised and enough time given for short breaks during the day. I liked the fact that there was a mix of medics and patients. We really need this topic bought to all medical staff to be aware of, they would learn so much! 

It was an absolute pleasure to attend this event on the Friday session, there was a delay due to BBC filming but the excellent organisation meant this was hardly noticed. Sally Pacholok is a very experienced, engaging and funny speaker! I was baffled by the genetics but I will be back for more.

An absolute bargain for £62!  Most medical conferences I attend are far more expensive than this – but the quality of your event was amongst the best we’ve ever experienced! The speakers could have easily carried on presenting further on their topics, as there was so much amazing detail and content, to fit into one day perhaps in future you could have round two, on the second day! I shall be nagging even harder for patients to attend it next year!

I found the subjects fascinating and very scary to think that I perhaps know more now than many GPs. I have been so stimulated I have bought both of Sally’s books for further reading and  also to lend out to others.

All excellent. Disappointed I couldn’t stay to the end due to childcare issues- will definitely be organised with babysitters next year! If the numbers attending continue to grow then might be worth considering running some parallel sessions in the afternoon- perhaps more of a workshop style, so that people can pick the topics most relevant to them and attend those workshops. People that are reluctant to ask questions in a large lecture theatre style format may be more willing to interact in a more informal setting.

As a health professional it was great to get to talk to the public about all their experiences rather than just other health practitioners.

I have two vegetarian daughters and a vegetarian daughter-in-law so they will be made to read ‘Could it Be B12?! I would like you to have more GPs at the conference – we should all have a flyer to give to our own GP. Loughborough is a good venue as it is fairly central in the country and the Uni does it well.

It was one of the most enlightening events I have attended and I frequent CPD events regularly. I felt it was a little too long to be able to take in the final speaker’s information, but the addition of the personal stories was inspired. That really brought the story home. The venue had a little problem with BMS control, but otherwise great location. Well done Tracey – your efforts are  clearly much appreciated by many. I have already advised people to look at your website and recognised potential signs of deficiency in one client already.

I attended as a therapist and a thyroid patient with a little knowledge of B12 deficiency. I was completely astounded by the wealth of information I learned on this subject and will be making sure that I attend any future events. This will change my practice!

The event was very well organised and I felt very welcome which is extremely important in the world today. Many conferences seem so unfriendly and the speakers completely unapproachable, this event was the opposite!

May 2015 Feedback ...

Thanks for organising the excellent conference today. I was delighted to attend and learnt a lot and met some lovely people. The speakers were all very engaging and enthusiastic.

I don’t think I have ever been at a conference that so many people stayed until the end, especially on a Saturday! That is testament to the line-up you organised. Well done. I hope it makes a difference.“

Thank you Tracey.  The conference was fantastic, you did a really good job of organising things.  I was so star struck meeting Sally, she is my hero!  

Congratulations on organising a really interesting day. The speakers were excellent and inspiring and gave us plenty to think about!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great day. Excellent speakers, excellent food, excellent venue and so much passion for the cause!

Congratulations for putting together this extremely interesting conference, with such amazing speakers. It was a real pleasure to attend. Thank you.

Well done Tracey for pulling this together and putting on an excellent conference, I am sure many will benefit from your efforts!

The venue was so easy to find, the welcome was lovely and the conference was excellent. I have never been to a conference where there was such a buzz!

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