If you are in the UK and support our petition to access vitamin B12 injections OTC from your local pharmacy, please see the blog links below.

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Westminster Hall debate 26th May 2021 – Please see this blog to access Jane Hunt’s excellent speech on behalf of UK B12 deficient people. 

MHRA Double standards on vitamin B12 injections, you can buy them from a hair salon but not a pharmacy in the UK. 

OTC Petition update – you help is needed for the next stage Get involved, ask your MP to make a speech too.

Fingers crossed for re classification.

B12 Awareness day 2020 The House of Commons.

For the text to write to your MP please use the following……

Dear ……..

Please can I ask for your support in making injectable vitamin B12 available OTC from pharmacies.

Following a reading of this petition at the House of Commons on the 23rd of September 2020 the Department of Health responded: They state that we can’t have injectable B12 made available from pharmacies in the UK because of the Human Medicines Regulation 62 section 3.
Jane Hunt MP is making an application for a Westminster Hall Debate on this petition and she needs your help.
This issue is really important to me because………………………….
Please contact Jane Hunt MP ( and get involved on my behalf.

Yours faithfully


PLEASE NOTE – The new petition is a Government petition it is NOT the online petiotion, but it does refer to it.

You can buy a ‘B12 for life” pin

Many people feel they have no alternative but to resort to self treatment. When faced with doctors who refuse to treat their symptoms, self injecting is often the only route to health. They purchase their injectable B12 from the many countries where it is legally sold over the counter. If we could buy injectable B12 over the counter in the UK it would transform lives.

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