I’ve spent many years campaigning for a better awareness and understanding of vitamin B12 deficiency and for effective treatment for long-suffering patients. 

I feel truly honoured that my work has been recognised…

Student makes an impact with vital vitamin campaign 2021

Bangor University and Dr Marjorie Ghisoni highlight our cause to make injectable B12 available over the counter. Read the full article here.

Tracey meeting the Mayor

Charnwood Community Hero Award 2020

At the end of 2020 I was given a Community Hero Award for appreciation of my work by the Mayor of Charnwood.

Tracey meeting the Mayor

Leicestershire Heroes Award – Finalist

I was delighted to be nominated for a Leicestershire Heroes Award in 2016.

At the Leicestershire Heroes awards 2016

Arriva Eco Bus – Leicester Stars

I feel honoured and really touched that in August 2016 so many people voted for my name to appear on an Arriva Eco bus and that this has lead to more awareness locally

At Arriva Bus Leicester Stars

Health professionals

It has also been heartening to have my work recognised by health professionals

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