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This letter was sent to me after my GP asked for advice from a gastroenterologist I had never met. She asked him if it was okay to give me more frequent B12 because I’d complained about poor memory and other returning symptoms following my loading dose.

This letter launched the website in 2013 and struck a chord with so many who found themselves in my shoes. This gastroenterologist’s response to my GP details what some of us with this condition are up against.

What we need is vitamin B12 injections prescribed at a frequency that suits us as individuals, but what we may be told that what we need is psychotherapy and anti depressants.

My GP asked what I thought of the letter…and I said;

“So I go and pay a psychotherapist who will ask me, why are you here? And I’ll have to tell them, I’m here because my GP won’t give me the B12 injections I need.”

Thankfully this answer did the trick without any further discussion and I was given a prescription for weekly B12 injections. I fully appreciate that others are no so lucky so if you find yourself in this situation and require personalised help, please contact me.

Best wishes, Tracey x

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