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Nov 5, 2013 | Treatment | 0 comments

This Australian doctor took the precaution of getting the patient to sign a waiver before he would administer B12 injections. He also makes some interesting/ridiculous notes in the patients records.

The GP sees that the patient benefits greatly from the B12 injections and records that the effect ‘lasts a few days and then wears off’.  In trying to educate the GP, the patient has given a copy of the excellent book ‘Could it be B12?’ as a reference.  Despite his own gross ignorance of B12 deficiency the GP disparagingly states that the author is ‘not qualified’, and also ‘written by a nurse’, ‘anecdotal stories’ ‘unsubstantiated claims’.

It seems this GP needs to brush up on his reading skills, he does not understand the importance of this exceptional, definitive, life saving book which is not only co authored by a highly qualified and experienced nurse – Sally Pacholok R.N – and her husband Dr Jeffrey Stuart. Sally is also B12 deficient.

This book is brimming with facts, advice, journals and case studies. This GP sadly missed an opportunity to update his appalling lack of knowledge.

You’ll note that he also rolls out the same old lines regarding  ‘treating possible underlying depressive illness’ and ‘placebo’. Predictably he is also concerned about ‘frequent injections despite high serum levels’.

I wonder if the following statement has ever appeared in any of his other patient’s notes –

‘I advised patient of my concerns of prescribing the following cocktail and I got them to sign a waiver  ’ Olanzapine, Lithium, Lisinopril, Simvastatin, Sodium Valporate, Bendroflumethiazide’ . . . . .  I seriously doubt it!

It seems many GP’s are totally unconcerned when they give out such a mix of chemicals, and it’s perplexing that so many get so jittery when prescribing an essential, inexpensive vitamin of which there is no known toxicity.



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