B12 Awareness in 2015

Feb 14, 2015 | Education | 0 comments

The past twelve months have been filled with a schedule of hard work for Sally Pacholok.

The long awaited film based on Sally’s life by Elissa Leonard and a new book of childhood B12 deficiency,  add up to a momentous year.

The world premiere of the film will be held at the US Naval Heritage Center, Washington on the 28th of February. Sally is played by actress Annet Mahendru.

You can have a sneak preview here!

‘What is wrong with my Child? – From Neurological and Developmental Disabilities to Autism…….How to protect your child from B12 Deficiency’, will be released on the 15th of March and can be pre ordered from Amazon now;


All this news brings anyone with B12 deficiency a sense of great hope for increased awareness of this condition in 2015.

Sally Pacholok is dedicated to the job she loves, she works as an ER nurse and remains on the frontline of identifying patients with this condition on a regular basis.

There are many of us who are alive and well now because we armed ourselves with information from ‘Could it be B12?’ The life saving manual written by Sally and her husband Dr. Jeffrey Stuart.

Research from this book was used to create the ‘Are you at Risk?’ B12 deficiency smart phone app.

Best wishes Tracey

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