Thanks to all who supported the B12 Pop Up Café!

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Who doesn’t love a cuppa and a chat?

Years ago Sally Pacholok made B12 Awareness Day the 23rd of September and we marked the occasion in Leicestershire with a B12 Pop Up Café.

Getting together and sharing experiences makes such a difference to peoples lives. It is lovely to meet so many people and to be able to put faces to names.  We hope to do a similar event soon so I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks to BBC radio Leicester for helping to raise awareness of B12 deficiency and for promoting the B12 Café.

Thanks to Ryan for hanging bunting and helping us to set up!

Thanks to all who supported the café and helped to make it such a fantastic event. A special thank you to Belinda and Kathleen who each travelled for hours from the very bottom and the very top of England to be with us in lovely Oaks in Charnwood!

Thanks to all who sampled and enjoyed the cakes…..

Thanks to Damian, my lovely husband for being an incredible support and expert tea maker, and to Jasper who lives on in the B12 awareness raising world!

Thanks to Hayley and mum who were with us right to the end …..

Thanks to Rose who tackled an enormous stack of washing up with a smile on her face!

A tidy village hall packed away and put to bed….

And a sunset as we leave, until the next time…….

Best wishes

Tracey xx

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