10th Anniversary of B12 info!

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It’s been ten years of some real highs and lows and I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all who share information about B12 deficiency! Because you care enough to share, more people get to know about why they feel so ill, they then arm themselves with information which leads to their recovery. YOU DID THAT!

In 10 Years
The site has reached most countries of the world, our top five visiting countries last year, being: UK, US, Australia, Canada and India. We have held two conferences, created two apps, developed two courses, created a forum, written over 90 blogs, yielding over 900 comments, written thousands of emails to users of the site, far too many to my MP,  had meetings in Parliament and with the MHRA and so much more. Your signing and sharing of the B12 OTC petition yielded over 100,000 signatures and lead to a Westminster Hall debate. Your part in this brought B12 deficiency to the attention of so many people who had never heard of this condition before!

I do what I do because of you. I want to make change so that we can all relax about our health and that of our loved ones and get on with enjoying life, feeling well.

I am lucky enough to work with people all over the world, both one to one and during the courses which were launched late last year. Each person I work with teaches me something new and adds to the information I share with users of the site. The Finding your way courses have the power to reach far beyond what I can do on my own. This is because of the generosity of those attending, sharing their own experiences. Brilliant connections are made and recovery is the outcome.

The website has had its 3rd incarnation this week, with a switch over to the new address: wwwb12info.com. In the beginning Damian created the first site and back then it wasn’t mobile friendly. Since that first day, the website has grown and evolved into a trusted, busy hub of clear, practical information. I have been so pleased to receive such kind testimonials from those I work with and from health professionals who appreciate the collated information. Many of them sent by their patients.

I am always shocked when people write to speak to one of the team – the team is me, with amazing help in the design and kindness department from Damian. Damian, has been the one person who has always supported me. I will be forever grateful for his confidence in me through thick and thin and against all odds.

I launched the site with the following letter which was sent to me by a gastroenterologist who had never met me.

Letter from a 'specialist' (1)

He laughingly suggested I needed psychotherapy and antidepressants rather than B12 injections. I obviously asked for his telephone number so he could tell me more jokes. Thankfully when I pointed out to my GP that if I did make an appointment with a psychotherapist, it would be to complain to them that my GP wouldn’t give me the B12 injections that I needed. She then very kindly prescribed me weekly injections and I have been able to stay on this life giving regime since then. Good old common sense was all that was needed, something that is sadly lacking in far too many cases.

We still remain unable to purchase injectable B12 from UK Pharmacies but hope that at some point more common sense prevails in this regard, we can but hope! I will update you as soon as I hear more about the next MHRA Meeting.

I will be doing another live broadcast for the Academy of Physical medicine next week, this will be my third for them. These CPD sessions are for osteopaths and chiropractors who are keen to learn about vitamin B12 deficiency and how it affects their clients.

I continue to teach all kinds of professionals including; acupuncturists, herbalists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and even practice nurses through my In-depth Training courses and have been asked to educate a group of excellent forward thinking Functional Doctors and nutritionists later this year.

The past ten years has taught me so much. I have met some incredible people and made some fantastic friends along the way. I remain passionate about highlighting B12 deficiency in mental health, children, pregnancy and infertility. Misdiagnosis of this very common condition continues to happen, but every day in some small way we are all making a difference.

Heartfelt thanks

P.S We will keep the old address so people can always find the site, but please update your records with the new email address if you haven’t already done so!

We have a few strong organic cotton shopping bags left so if you would like one you will be sent a free lapel pin too!

If I’ve helped please consider buying me a coffee/leaving a virtual tip.
Doing this helps me to offer this free website to you and others around the world.
Thank you, I really do appreciate it.


  1. Rachel

    Thanks for all the chats and help, lovely Tracey xx

    • Tracey Witty

      You are so welcome Rachel! xx

      • mary davey

        Tracy – a very quick note off subject, I was witnessed somebody over 80 dying. She suddenly over a few years began to have mental problems, all put down tot he usual. During the last year of her life she began screaming at the top of her voice non stop. it was terrible and I really do not know how she did not have a massive stroke. GPs and psychiatrist went through theri bag of tricks, tried everything they could, nothing worked. Won’t go into the whole story but she died eventually and it was only then that her relative informed me she had PA with the 3 monthly regime, i cried as I realised what had happened to her brain, she was the gentliest lady who would do anything for you but became a demented human being at the end, she must have suffered terribly.

        Thank you for all you and others are doing to highlight this terrible condition.

        God bless you.

        • Tracey Witty

          Mary, that is so heart breaking to read. Three monthly injections are not nearly enough for so many people. We need our health care professionals to understand that NOTHING else will work if it’s B12 that’s lacking.

          Thank you for taking the time to comment. Very best wishes Tracey

  2. Charlotte

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helps so many people and will continue to. xx

    Dearest Mary Davey,
    I am so very sorry to read of your friend and her suffering. It is not just your friend though that is affected, it is your friend’s family and you. She would not want to be remembered like that and it is people like Tracey who is desperately trying to educate clinicians about this insidious illness.
    Sending warmest wishes


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